American Hunt Terrier Club Association, INC.

Article I
Official Name
The club shall be called American Hunt Terrier Club Association and also referred to as AHTCA.
Article II
Section 1
The purpose of the American Hunt Terrier Club Association is to provide a registry to maintain the purity and
integrity of the Hunt Terrier we have come to love and to provide a website for the education, enjoyment, and
exchange ideas with those interested in the Hunt Terrier.
Section 2
We will not endorse or denounce any other club. We are not allied together to destroy anyone just enjoy our
Hunt Terriers.
Article III
Membership and Eligibility
Section 1
Membership is open to all persons who want to contribute and maintain the integrity of the Hunt Terrier.
Individual membership or family membership are one in the same consisting of two persons residing at the
same address. Junior membership is open to persons 7-17.
Section 2
Membership dues shall be 20.00 yearly for individual/family and junior membership will be 10.00 yearly. Dues
will be payable on April 1st of each New Year. Statements will be mailed out on the 1st of February for
upcoming year.
Section 3
Each applicant shall apply with the membership application form and provide a signed copy of the American
Hunt Terrier Club Association code of ethics.
Section 4
Any member will be automatically terminated when membership dues remain unpaid 60 days after April 1st (May
31st). After this date application procedures will need to take place again to reinstate.
Article IV
Board of Directors or Officers
Section 1
The officers of the American Hunt Terrier Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
and 2 trustees.
Section 2
All officers shall be members in good standing and a resident of the United States.
Section 3
The duties of the officers will be those duties normally exercised by corporate officials with like titles unless
otherwise stated in these by-laws. The board of trustees shall fill vacancies occurring in the officers until the
next scheduled annual election meeting.
Section 4
Any officer may be re-elected to do the same office for consecutive terms
Section 5  
Voting shall be limited to those members in good standing and who are present at the meeting.
Article V
Meetings shall be held bi-monthly or more often at the discretion of the officers.  Meetings may be held in
person or by conference call. Business by the board of directors may be conducted by mail, fax, or any
electronic means of communication through the office of the secretary providing it does not conflict with any
other provisions of these by-laws.
Article VI
Section 1
The funds of the American Hunt Terrier Club Association shall be deposited to the AHTCA account in a bank
where the treasurer is located and administered by the treasurer of the Association.
Section 2
Officers shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred while performing the duties of the club such as postage,
website updates, printing, embossing etc. providing they furnish a copy of the original receipt of the
merchandise purchased.
Section 3
This organization will be operated as a non-profit organization and is not intended for the financial gain of any
member. Any and all excess monies will be used to promote the Hunt Terrier and the Association.
Section 4
The Treasurer’s books shall be open at all times for the inspection of the board. The treasurer shall report  
them to the board at every meeting showing the condition of the Associations finances.
Article VII
Bi-monthly updates will be posted on the website as well as access to current forms and information about the
club. Those wishing to ask questions about the club will be able to do so, on the website.   
Article VIII
Copies of these by-laws will be available from the website. They shall be provided to anyone desiring a copy
and each officer shall have one in his/her possession.
Article IX
Amendments to these by-laws must be presented in writing to the Board at least one month in advance of the
next meeting; notice of proposed amendments shall be posted on the website. A majority of 4 officers must vote
in favor for a new amendment to be accepted.
Article X
These by-laws shall become effective immediately upon the approval of the president, vice president, secretary
and treasurer of the American Hunt Terrier Club Association.
Article XI
The AHTCA may only be dissolved with written consent of 2/3 thirds of the members. In the event members
would like to continue with the Association, all property of the club including registries, member information,
website ownership, logo, etc will be turned over to those members who wish to re-organize.
Members old and new are required to work together and assist with getting all documents including financial
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