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These two darling Hunt Terriers are loved by Dorthe Hansen.
Phallon, Jake, and Pepper Swinney of Texas.
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Otis and Teakie are celebrating
St. Patrick's Day in style!

These two hunt terriers are loved by Wendy Bockman.
Happy Halloween!
Happy 2015
Letter from our President
Dear Fellow Members,

Another year has come and gone and the hunt terrier registry is still going strong.  Under the new leadership of
Karen Adams, our registry continues to thrive and be the best that it can be.  When Wendy and I formed this
registry a few years ago, we had one goal in mind and that was to preserve the  hunt terrier breed.

There are some beautiful hunt terriers being registered now which indicates we are traveling in the right direction.  
We much continually strive though to improve the breed where ever we can and continue to add new blood lines
here in the US.

When Wendy and I formed this registry, we had no idea chocolate hunt terriers existed.  I think had we known this,
we would have listed the chocolates as a color into the registry.  The standard states that the pigment around the
eye and muzzle of the hunt terrier should be black and when we did this, chocolates did not exist to our
knowledge.  I am open to welcoming the chocolates into our registry.  The new bloodlines have something to offer
in our country.  Some breeders will prefer not to add the chocolate gene to their lines and it is their own decision to
make.  Many times the dilute gene in dogs has proven to go hand in hand with deficiencies in dogs; however, this
has not been the case with the hunt terrier.  Hilde Dekkers  has researched this topic and has not found where it is
detrimental to the breed.  Again, it is a matter of choice for the breeder.  If they choose to breed the chocolates, that
is allowed into our registry.  If they do not, that is ok too.  You must remember, too, that you can only produce
chocolates if the gene is in both parents.  It will not show up if one parent is not a chocolate gene carrier.

Again, I wish you the best in the upcoming year and here's to the success of another year in our registry.


Jana Crawford
President, AHTCA