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Breed Standard for the American Hunt Terrier  
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History of the Black and Tan Hunt Terrier  
Becoming a Member and Registering your Terrier

Forms (please make sure all names, pedigrees and numbers are included)
Membership Application Form (Includes Junior Membership)          
Adult Hunt Terrier Registration Form
Litter Registration Form   
Stud Service Form
Breeder Form (when the owner of the dam is not the breeder)
Breeder Referral Listing (Membership application)
Veterinarian Health Certificate (Must accommodate dogs having NO AHTCA Pedigree and
a 3 generation pedigree must be included -
Breeder Referrals
Breeder Referrals

Official Information
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Code of Ethics
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The only Association set out to promote, preserve, and keep a registry of the "original" black and tan Jack Russell Terrier (Hunt Terrier).
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