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Type of Membership Requested.....Make Checks payable to AHTCA
NEW/Renewal:  $20.00 (yearly)
Junior Membership:  $10.00 (yearly)
Address Change:  $10.00      
Breeder Referral Listing:  $25.00 (yearly)
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Don't forget to print and sign a copy of the AHTCA Code of Ethics to enclose with this form.

I hereby apply for membership in the American Hunt Terrier Club Association.  I agree to abide by the
objectives and purposes stated in the AHTCA Constitution and By Laws.

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Home of the Hunt Terrier also known as the Black and Tan Jack Russell
AHTCA Membership Application
American Hunt Terrier Club Association
13288 Bean Rd.  Alexander, AR  72002
% Karen Adams
Phone: 501-607-4455    Email
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